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Old Jones Store:  About an hour from my home I found this wonderful old store on a country road during a road construtction detour.  Full of charatcer and nostalgia, it was begging to be photographed. 

It looked great from many angles (which I shot of course) but, I really liked this straight forward view of the front porch.  There are so many strong lines and shapes: the red rectangles around the windows and doors intersecting with other lines in the porch, the matching red and white paint on the store and the old gas pumps...  

It's full of geometry and great detail, right down to the crack in the middle of the steps and the single bare light bulb over the door.  I carefully framed this image to avoid some chaotic lines to the left and sun flare to the right. 

Another plus:  I had a great chat with the current owner who was more than happy to tell me the history of the store, the Jones family, and the history of the area back to the Revolutionary War - good stuff!  This is the second store the family built.  The original store (1875) was across the street and moved beside the current location in 1914 after a "land dispute" within the family.  After a devistating robbery in 1926, Will Jones built the current store where he and his family lived upstairs for decades.  He passed away in 1940.  His wife continued to run the store until the 1970's.  Three generations of the Jones family ran the store for a century.


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           what you see - Thoreau, 1830